What is the Overkill Movement?

Overkill is a young, progressive production company that is both cutting edge and highly versatile.
This intensly creative collective has built luxury homes, night club and restaurant interiors, mobile art pieces, sculptures, lighting systems, outdoor environments, fashion show backdrops and more . Overkill’s success lies in the diversity of each of it’s members.

If we can’t open your eyes to new ideas and possibilities, no one can.

~ Incorporating Art into the Everyday ~

OVERKILL is about seeing more than what’s on the surface, hearing more than what is said, working more than seems possible, to create more than could ever be expected.
OVERKILL, is what makes you gasp in wonder and delight….
All projects start with communication; listening to what our clients want, understanding what they need,
and recognizing the sound of their unspoken dreams.. The will to hear, and imagine just beyond the edge
of possibilty, is the first step towards giving desire shape and form.
From the moment we start to recognize those shapes, to transform imagination into solution, buildability is
an innate part of our process, the only way to capture invention and sculpt it into actuality.
Process itself is a seamless construction, the channeling of inspiration into execution.
But even then, OVERKILL never just executes. We relish.
We relish the exertion of making, those discoveries of the inexpressible that can only be found in the
physical, through the process of testing those solutions, at every opportunity, and at all levels; excessive
is another word for essential as easily as crucial describes compelling.
For OVERKILL, labor is never a chore, only a release.
We take intense pleasure in the creation process. We believe the efforts of our making are infused into all
we do, and leave our work not just complete, but born — alive with expectation and possibility.
Camp Overkill was born 6 years ago out of the ideals of servicing the burningman community with civilized anarchy. We devise this luxurious life style through our group’s genuine desire to be gifts to the playa and continue to spread that mentality across the nation. These governing intentions will be what build and fuel our projects for the enjoyment of everyone who comes into contact with them.
With the driving forces of Yarrow Mazzetti and Joe «Spider» Snider pushing it forward OverKill LLC has manifested into a fast-evolving production company that is quickly making its mark on the world.