Indoor Installations

Provacatuer Night Club

Designer Lionel Ohyan discovered OverKill at Burningman in ’09 and brought them to NYC to design the aesthetic of club Provocateur.

The wings pictured had to be built in place due to the large scale.  Both elaborate and elegant they create the perfect backdrop while providing an often used prop for one of the hottest clubs in NYC.

Gansevoort Hotel

The world famous Gansevoort Hotel came to Overkill looking for something elegant with a different twist for their lobby.

Overkill delivered with a S&M inspired massive geometric chandelier using over a mile and a half of braided leather rope.

OverKill has bloomed into a strong source for the production of large scale art and interior design and has given the meat packing district in New York many major functional art installations.  Their NY resume’ has grown exponentionaly in a few short years. 

Overkill was immediately brought on board by David Graziano to design a 7 ton crushed glass chandelier for the world renowned night club Kiss n Fly. 

the Collective

Robert of iCrave saw their artistic vision and brought in their expertise for several pieces in the newly opened fine dining restaurant with a recycled twist,
The Collective.

The immense amounts of detail and engineering behind the pieces in this restaurant are easy to overlook when overwhelmed by their originality.  The flock of birds constructed out of license plates invokes a sense of awe and true feeling of movement.  The pillars of cogs that surround the entrance and the full wall sculpture of steel behind the bar emphasize the raw materials used with a classy twist.