Outdoor Installations

Kranzler Dojo

The Kranzler Dojo is located in the Canadian San Juan Islands and was built in collaboration with Jarin Lindsey.  The base of the structure was created using granite blocks, the wood used was timber and the roof is compiled of interlocking copper shingles. 

In addition to the evident beauty the Kranzler Dojo was built using the artform of timber framing.  This style of building means that no nails were used and everything is held together by precise cuts on joining mortises and tendon joints.

Circus Maximus

Circus Maximus was an interactive circus built by volunteers and donations making it one of the most moving pieces Overkill has created.  Erected for only one week it saw over 50,000 visitors.

Built in Black Rock City this open air ampitheater hosted world famous DJs and was proud to showcase performances by Zen Arts that included aerial acrobats, pole dancing and fire spinning. 

Circus Maximus was constructed on multiple levels with soft structures, hidden hide aways, interactive suprises and state of the art visual and sound projection.  It was a sensory overload of art, performance, light and sound.

The goals of Overkill for Circus maximus were simple and clear.  Awe and spectacle.  Stimulation and suprise.  Excitement and excellence.  The goals were reached.  The Burningman experience was lifted to a new level for all involved.