Art Cars

the Fish Tank

The Fish Tank was a custom design contracted by Andy Levy.  Continuing on with the strong belief that there should not be anywhere on an Overkill car you can’t climb, the Fish Tank was constructed to carry up to 60 dancing people and has been tested to capacity on more than one occassion! 

Completely constructed of steel, lightly upholstered, equipped with black light effects, carrying a Beta 3 sound system and generator, this car was not only built to last, but built to impress!

the Shagillac

Using the frame of a Cadillac this car was inspired to provide the same comfortable ride and setting as it’s name sake.  The interior is upholstered in white fur and blue satin providing the ultimate in laid back luxurious transportation. 

Fully equipped with a stereo system that would make most night clubs cry with envy, you can easily park this car anywhere and become a dance floor.  Fot the more mellow days the Shagillac provides the option to cruise the beaches in it’s over exagerated cartoon shape, enjoying the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and the sound of jaws hitting the floor as you cruise past.

the Space Orgy

The first car ever built by Overkill, the Space Orgy, is still going strong after 6 years of heavy usage in extreme elements.  This car set the standard for Overkill cars to be built tough enough to act as  both jungle gyms and dance floors.

The climbing structure that holds the driver’s seat was built completely out of all thread.  The steering and brake systems were extended up to the second level to allow for more dance and leisure room on the base level, while the driver is safely elevated above it all on an open air sofa big enough for them and their friends to have good visibility.